I Got In The Best Shape Of My Life, Tripled My Income, Cut My Work Time In Half And Created The Most Passionate, Loving Relationship Ever!

I have a question for you…

Have you ever heard this quote? - “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” 

Think about that for a moment.

When you reflect on your own life as it is and as you read this right now... 

 - Do you feel truly alive? 

 - Truly fulfilled? 

 - Truly driven and living with purpose? 

 - Truly powerful in your being? 

 - Truly passionate in your relationship?

Here's what I know to be true… 

When you make a clear decision - a solid decision - The world moves for you! 

This happened to me, but it wasn’t before going through one of the toughest times in my life.

A time when I felt lost, alone and purposeless, I was out-of-shape, stressed, exhausted and I just lost my largest client due to a company being sold and didn’t know how I was going to replace that income.

I had come out of a 22-year relationship and I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I had been living a lie, living inauthentically, living in fear - and it was nobody’s fault but my own. 

Then, I made a clear decision - a solid decision and the world began to move for ME! 
My Hero's Journey began...
I had lunch with my good friend, John Assaraf, and I told him the place that I was in and that I truly desired a fun, passionate and deeply loving relationship with a woman that I adored and worshiped and she did the same with me. 

He said these simple words to me… 

Make a list of what you want in your ideal woman. 

I knew this stuff; I’d done 15 years of personal development... but my head was so clouded and unfocused that I had forgotten many simple truths.

On the drive home after our lunch my brain was alive with the characteristics of my ideal woman.

When I got home I wrote the list that was buzzing around in my head.

Then I remembered the second part of the formula – I have to become the man to attract this ideal woman and have this fun, passionate, and deeply loving relationship that I had just outlined.

I was inspired, driven, compelled to become the man that could and would attract such an amazing woman - and I went to work on redefining myself.

I knew the big shift would come from defining who I needed to be, transforming my body, shifting my beliefs and mindset – I had to become the most powerful version of myself.

So I set about to do exactly that - I worked consistently every day, to become the best version of myself.

Then I met her…

I had what I call a “holy fuck” moment.

Not only was she the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen but her energy was captivating in a way I’d never felt before.

I became even more alive! 

But I couldn’t ask her out... yet

I needed to clean up a few more things before I could step into a fun, passionate, and deeply loving relationship.

So I cleared up a couple of other things and then the day came. We had been in communication, and I had just returned from a trip to Europe, when she messaged me to ask me a question. I knew this was my chance... so I asked her if we could get together.

She said YES! 

At this point I knew I wanted to be in a relationship, but there was still one problem. I had thrown myself deeper into work while being single, working from morning until night and worked most of the weekend too – I had to make a shift in my business to create space for this relationship.

In the next few days, before our first date, I spoke to another good friend of mine, Melanie Benson, who teaches entrepreneurs how to optimize their time and grow their businesses.

Within a week I had made the shift in my business to create the space for the life-changing journey I was about to embark on.

Was it easy? No... I went to work and pushed up to the edge in so many areas of my life. I met my own demons -- we all harbor them as men, sometimes we just don’t know they are there.

By now I had completely transformed my body, completely transformed my energy, completely transformed my beliefs and mindset, and now I completely transformed my time and the money I was making.
I owned myself in every way.
These shifts allowed me to be fully present in my new relationship and honor my woman fully and live from a fun, playful, and free place.

As our relationship deepened, I continued to sculpt my body, shape my mind, and shift my business to work less and make more, while still getting incredible results for my clients.

Life got even more amazing: we were engaged and then married within one year and were traveling the world having the best time as a couple and a newly-blended family.

So what did I do to make the shift?

Were the things that I did complicated or time-consuming?

They were actually very simple daily disciplines in moving my body, transforming my health, making conscious decisions in my business, and knowing how to be present with and how to honor my Goddess in our relationship.

Living in a place of personal power, passion, fun, adventure, and freedom.

These are the four steps I took:
Redefined who I chose to be in every role of my life - in my fitness, my health, as a husband, as a father, as a businessman and in creating my amazing lifestyle.
Transformed my body to feel and be in maximum power, passion and performance - and do it in a way that flowed for me and my lifestyle.
Applied simple and very effective health principles that support my energy, my vitality, and my mind.
Became very clear on how I chose to be in my relationship - honor, respect, adore, and deeply love my special lady.
As this best version of myself I had the capacity to bring myself to the relationship, to be fully present, and to make my woman the most important part of my life.

My business and my income continued to grow and I have traveled for fun and adventure more in the last three years than I have in the previous 25.

My friends and acquaintances would comment on how I had come alive, talk about the energy I was exuding, and people began to tell me I should create a program to teach my transformation.

I was told this by both men and women.

The men wanted to know how they could create this for themselves and the women wanted to either find a man in this energy or have their current relationship transform.

So that’s how this came to be.

I heeded my call to adventure, stepped into my next Hero’s Journey, and from that I created The Edge For Men 21-Day Challenge - a launch point for you, and any man, looking for a breakthrough in…
  •  Your life
  •  Your body and your health
  •  Your relationship with your special lady
  •  Your relationship with your kids
  •  Your business
...and wanting to just live life more fully…
  •  Having more fun
  •  More passion
  •  More energy
  •  More adventure
  •  More time
  •  More confidence
  •  Feeling more alive
  •  Living on purpose
...then this is for you!

This is the day. 

This is YOUR Call to Adventure.

To go to The Edge you need to Own Yourself and Honor Your Woman, because when you do... ANYTHING is Possible.

Own Yourself - Honor Your Woman - Anything is Possible
An invitation...
I invite you to apply to join me in The Edge For Men 21-Day Challenge. This inaugural challenge includes complimentary group mentoring and community because I want to document the results and refine the processes.

There is  one small commitment.  Purchase The Edge For Men Power pack (a $97 value) for just $47, which includes:

 The Edge For Focus - an all Natural and Organic Nootropic Brain Booster Exclusively designed to help you attain ULTIMATE FOCUS, CLARITY, MEMORY AND PERFORMANCE 

The Edge for Men 21-day Power Plan - super simple workout plan and morning smoothies 

The Edge for Men 21-day Power Journal - Daily Journal for living your Limitless Life

If you’re ready to become an Elite Man that accelerates the results in every area of your life - then this is for you.

The Edge For Men Challenge is about creating the foundation to become and live the best version of yourself...

... to live it powerfully, in a place of freedom, and most importantly... authentically - not some version you may think the world wants.

As part of The Edge For Men Challenge you’ll discover how to live this with simple shifts that make major differences, and you’ll be amazed at how things change in all areas of your life including in your relationship, your business, with your kids, and other relationships too.

In these 21 days I’ll take you through the four steps...
Redefine who you are in every role of your life - and go to The Edge in your fitness, your health, as a husband (or partner), as a father, as a businessman and in creating your amazing lifestyle.
Lead you in transforming your body to feel and be in maximum power, passion and performance - Owning Yourself - and do it in a way that flows for you and your lifestyle.
Guide you to live simply and effectively... introducing health principles that support your energy, your vitality, and your mind.
Show you how to bring the best version of yourself to your relationship with ways to truly worship, honor, respect and adore the special lady in your life. (When you truly Honor Your Woman [and All Women] magic happens; life becomes effortless, passionate, and joyful. I live this and that’s how I know it to be true.)
To live as a Powerful, Passionate, and Elite Man that can excel in all areas of your life - it starts with YOU!

So it’s time to step up...

We are forming an interest list to The Edge For Men Challenge for just 100 men to play this first 21-day game!